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Second Hand Multiyork Sofas In Bath

Within: 5 10 25 50 75 100 200 300 miles of Bath

Multiyork Compact Two Seater Sofa, with loose covers & cushions
Multiyork Cream 3 Seater Fabric Sofa, Good Solid Condition
Multiyork Diplomat Large Leather Sofa
 Two Off White Sofas with Summer Covers
Multiyork Traditional Peach Loose Cover Arm Chair with Exchangeable Covers etc.
SOLD  - closed
MultiYork Verona Howard Sofa + Armchair + Run-Up Footstool
Multi-York 4 seater sofa and Armchair. Hard wood frame, good condition.
Multiyork Tate Ivory Medium Sofa Excellent Condition-used
Multiyork Oakdale Motorised Recliner Chair
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